Now, Jeffree Star has a been bashed left to right on social media lately, but I have no interest in that honestly. I am however a make up junkie and I love myself some good products! I currently own 3 Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lips and 2 of his Skin Frost (highlighters)  Let me tell you, these products are amazing. Size, quality, quantity…just absolutely AHMAHZING!! I’m a little obsessed. haha.

Valour Liquid Lipsticks:  Mannequin, Unicorn Blood and Celebrity Skin.
Retails: $18 each
Size: .19 fl.oz

Celebrity Skin, Mannequin and Unicorn Blood
Photos were taken from:
** These pictures do not belong to me, I had copied them off the site.

I’ve tried a couple of other liquid lipsticks from other brands but this by far has to be my favorite formula. Each color is super pigmented, not streaky and dries incredibly, it does not leave my lips feeling like a desert (note: I swear I have like chronic dry lips and skin so this a major plus.)  There is a light transfer, but thats normal with most lipsticks. The scent is not too bad and I love that it does not linger all day. Overall this product and formula is amazing, it is definitely great for the price and quality. I wish I could show you how cute and small the packaging is but unfortunately my camera is not working for some odd reason. That will get fixed soon.
Celebrity Skin is my every day wear, I have it in my purse, back pack for school, my clubbing shade. I just love myself a good nude, like uhhhh can you see that color. I’m dying!

Skin Frost: Peach Goddess & Ice Cold

Ice Cold & Peach Goddess
Photos were taken from:
** These pictures do not belong to me, I had copied them off the site.

Retail: $29
Size: .53 oz.

BLINDING! These are super pigmented so a little goes a long way. I love applying it with my Morphe M510 brush. Its like an orgasm on your cheeks, nose and well where ever you want to apply it. It is so smooth, so shiny. Jeffree is a highlighting goddess and he was definitely NOT playing around with these bad babies. I can’t wait till he launches more colors out. This product size…oh em gee. It is the bigger than my palm! When I received this package, the size got me feeling some type of way ya’ll, so definitely worth every penny.

****Unfortunately these particular shades, both Liquid lips and Skin Frost are sold out. (That’s how good his line is) BUT, he always updates on what shades are coming back and when on his twitter, instagram and snapchat: @Jeffree Star. Links to where to purchase these products will be below. Give the other shades a try, I wouldn’t review it, if I didn’t honestly love it.

BeautyLish – Jeffree Star
Morphe Brushes – Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star Cosmetics

**Love CN

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  1. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 I feel the same products are good and that’s all I care about, great post xx


  2. Mannequin is so beaut I neeeeedd it!!! Loved the post! Maybe check out my blog? Possibly give it a follow?

    Much love ♡ – Ali


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