I know its been forever and I just have a lot going on with my life but I had to write a review about this product. Don’t get me wrong, I love Anastasia. I love their brow stuff, their lippys and their modern renaissance palette (as you can tell in my other post), but this one was such a HUGE disappointment.

I do not own the other glow kits but I have borrowed one from a friend, purchased them as birthday presents and I was so excited to finally own the famous Anastasia glow set for my own so I asked for it for Christmas.

It was definitely not what I expected. I was hugely disappointed. It had no pigment at all, it was swatching NOTHING! I was so so sad. I don’t know how to make the pigment show. I’ve tried wetting the brush(Morphe M510) a little, but when I brushed it on my face it was just streaky and the glitter was just so chunky.

Needless to say, I was so unhappy. If anyone has an idea how I might be able to use it as eyeshadow or a highlighting topper, please let me know in the comments. Sadly, this was a no go for me. I just can’t believe the one highlighting palette I get from Anastasia was a bad one. I thought it would be so good since it was so new to their line.

I was not able to find a link for it on Sephora, I don’t know if they sell it there anymore?
Please leave me your thoughts about it down below! I would love to hear different opinions on this product!

Like I said before, Anastasia is an amazing brand! I have a bunch of their products but this one was like a 2/10 for me. What glow?


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  1. So many people have mixed reviews about this palette! Thank you for sharing your review 🙂

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    • CN says:

      I was hoping to love it, cause I also saw some good reviews, but I think this one was not up to Anastasia’s usual standards with their products. Thank you for reading it!


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